EXPERT SECRETS FOR A LASTING MANICURE by Alex (release date: May 20th)

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  • "Expert Secrets for a lasting manicure," is a first edition by Alexandra and a must have for all nail lovers from beginners to DIY to first level students and more. This new release is the "go to" resource if you're looking to achieve real results.   

Alexandra's been part of the wonderful nail industry since 1980 and has been lucky enough to work and assist at every level from servicing clients to opening one of the first schools in Canada and developing exclusive and unique products ever since. A teacher at heart, she wants every nail lover to have access to this information.  The more you know about nail care and the industry, the more time & money you'll save including by avoiding obvious problems we're still facing today regarding professionalism and sanitation. No second guessing anymore. Find all the answers to healthier and more beautiful nails than ever. Give yourself the gift of knowledge and put your best foot forward. 


  • Latest ON nail anatomy
  • How to make any manicure last
  • Nutrition for nails
  • Diseases & disorders
  • Products and utilization
  • Do's & don'ts - tips & tricks
  • Sanitation
  • Technique differentiation,
  • How to find the right nail pro 
  • What questions you must ask a nail pro
  • Updated information on where the nail industry stands, right now.

Alexandra can't imagine having such an amazing career and not share all her knowledge and experience with you thus where came the idea of creating a nail book including all the answers to your questions.   

About the Author

Alexandra has been involved and part of every aspect of the nail industry for 35 + years. She opened one of the first specialized Nail enhancement school in Montreal in 1985 and has been teaching, mentoring and developing products ever since. Her exceptional teaching skills have provided her with a formidable reputation as an industry leader and second to none service provider. A 6 figure nail tech that a lot of students still follow today. Throughout her career, Alexandra has been featured in a ton of magazines, radio, television, Shopping channel and more. Till' today, this nail Maven, wholeheartedly believes in continued education for all nail lovers, from consumers to DIY's to aspiring nail pros, first level students etc..Working hand in hand with world leaders, Alexandra can't stretch enough on the importance of being as savvy as possible in times of so many public opinions and experts. 

An entrepreneur as well as a beauty expert at heart, Alexandra prides herself on her ability to imagine new ways of sharing her knowledge and new tools to empower other nail professionals and consumers to make the most out of their relentless research for answers and/or chosen field of work.

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