How To Hug your nails


 To get the basics - follow this instructions below :

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Important: Nailhugs are very thin and light. Remove each NailHugs from its white protective sheet with CARE



NailHugs / Instructions :

Nails must be dry and free of oil and debris. NailHugs can be applied directly on natural nails as well. 

  1. Apply a regular polish or a UV polish. If using a gel-polish, gently remove tacky layer before applying the NailHugs making sure the surface is totally dry including the folds. 
  2. Cut the size you need. Use that piece of NailHugs to cover the entire surface of the nail including excess. No need for cuticle shaping at all. 
  3. Remove white protective sheet slowly and gently and apply the design to the nail to secure the application. 
  4. With the help of your thumb, press thoroughly and press on the entire surface of the nail including all the edges to make sure all folds are tightly covered for long lasting results. The clear cellophane will start releasing itself naturally. Once the design is transferred, simply remove the clear cello. 
  5. With the help of your small wood stick or a slim stylus, gently around the cuticles and side folds to ease the application of your top coat and promote longer lasting results.
  6. Generously apply your regular top coat or NailHugs high gloss "Top N" Glow" or the UV top coat of your choice. Always start by covering the free edge of the nail to ensure longer lasting results. If/when using a gel-polish top coat, remove tacky layer once cured including the surrounding excess on skin in seconds. Use alcohol wipes 70% or the cleanser compatible to the gel-polish top coat that was used to cover the NailHugs. If you're using a regular top coat, wait until it's entirely dry and remove the excess by gently wiping around the nail with the alcohol 70%.
  7. For longer lasting results and better protection, always apply a second layer of top coat. Your nails will remain healthy and your manicure will last much longer. A drop a day keeps the dry skin away! 

Don't forget to moisturize, ALWAYS!

How to remove: NailHugs are SUPER EASY TO REMOVE AND NEVER DAMAGE THE NAILS. They're as easy to remove as the top coat that was applied and will slip right off without leaving residue or pigment stains. NAILHUGS ARE NON-TOXIC and can be used by anyone over the age of 3. Make sure to always use a lint free cotton when doing your nails.