Frequently Asked Questions
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Important: Nailhugs are very thin and delicate. Remove each NailHug from its white protective sheet SLOWLY and with CARE


NailHugs are not stickers, decals or foils.  NailHugs are new and unique, Non-Toxic  transfers that rely on the latest techonology. They're so thin and flexible that they hug the surface of the nail  like a second skin whatever the shape, length or curve. Nothing like you've tried before.


1-Who wears NailHugs?

Anyone and everyone who wants astonishing nails in just a few minutes.

2-Can NailHugs be compared to anything else on the market?

NailHugs are incomparable to anything out there. They are simple, easy, durable and give great results.

3-Can NailHugs be applied directly on my natural nails?

Absolutely! NailHugs can be applied on any dry and clean nail surface in just a few seconds. NailHugs can also be applied on a dry base color for vivid effects.

4-Are NailHugs expensive?

NailHugs are incredibly affordable compared to other nail covers on the market. One strip can easily cover 10 fingernails and 10 toes with just one sheet. Should you prefer to use them as accent nails, you can cover up to 20 accent nails with just one strip.

5-How long can I keep my strip once I cut into it?

NailHugs strips can last up to a year at room temperature from your first application. For best results, keep it in its original envelope.  

6-How do I remove my NailHugs?

NailHugs are as easy to remove as the top coat you used to protect them.

7-I'm very active with my hands and wash them often, what should I do to further protect my NailHugs manicure?

You should always apply a second layer of top coat for longer lasting results and moiturize every day.

8-How long can my NailHugs last?

NailHugs can last up to 2 weeks with a regular double  top coat and up to 4 weeks with a UV polish-gel.  Make sure to seal all edges and folds for better and longer lasting results.

9-What if I already have acrylic nails, how do I apply NailHugs? 

Super easy! You simply make sure the surface of your nail is dry and clean and Voilà! Just follow the "how to" section for consumers.

10-What's so special about NailHugs?

  • NailHugs are every consumer's dream art form
  • NailHugs are non-toxic
  • Simple, fast and durable
  • No specific cutting at all
  • NailHugs will make you feel like a Pro
  • The thinnest and most flexible appliqué
  • They fit any length, shape or curve without leaving air bubbles or pleads
  • You can create unlimited manicure styles with just one design
  • NailHugs can be applied directly on the natural nail
  • NailHugs can be removed exactly like the top coat of your choice

NailHugs are so light, you can carry a bunch of designs in your purse for your next nail party with the girls

NailHugs are so much fun to use, they're addictive