NailHugs are not stickers, decals or foils. NailHugs are new and unique, Non-Toxic  transfers that rely on the latest techonology. They're so thin and flexible that they hug the surface of the nail  like a second skin whatever the shape, length or curve. Nothing like you've tried before. 

1-What type of client wears NailHugs?

Anyone and everyone with natural nails or enhancements looking to add a touch of fun or glam to their daily beauty style.

2-Can NailHugs be compared to anything else on the market?

NailHugs are unique and the process of application is simply incomparable. Easy, Simple and durable results.

3-Can NailHugs be applied on regular nail lacquer?

NailHugs can be directly applied on naturl clear nails, coloured nails with a regular lacquer or a UV polish-gel. (If applied over UV polish-gel, remove tacky layer prior to NailHugs application for better results)

4-How many services can I perform with a pack of NailHugs?

Each service may be slightly different in terms of quantity used according to the chosen design, style and nail length. With a pack of 2 strips of 1,5 in x  6 in (3.8 cm x 15.25 cm),  you can accomplish up to 40 accent nails, 6 full pedicures or 2 to 3 full manicure sets. Should you choose to use NailHugs as a mini accent or a simple touch design, you may be able to go much farther with a pack. The possibilities are endless. 

5-What should I charge when applying NailHugs?

a- Accent nails: $1.00 to $3.00 (excluding bling bling and extras) depending on the nail length.

b- On 10 toes: $10 to $20 extra (excluding bling bling and extras)

c- A full set of hands: $10 to $20 extra (excluding bling bling and extras)

You may want to charge according to your experience and the area or contextual work space.

These prices are in Canadian currencies.

6-Can I double hug?

Yes you can and double hugging is very easy, it requires no additional step between the NailHugs application. Should you want to conserve and\or protect your base color then we recommend to lock in your first Hug with a uv top coat, remove the tacky layer and Re-Hug following the same steps.  Choose your designs wisely for stunning results.

7-Should I lock in my colour with a top coat (regular or UV) prior to applying the NailHugs?

You don't have to lock in the colour, you can simply hug nails directly on dry regular polish. Should your client want to  change the Nail hugs often or between her re-balancing appoitments for more diversity, it's preferable to apply the NailHugs on a cured uv top coat that way,  you can simply re-apply a new NailHugs design of your choice without having to change the base colour. A great way to save time and increase your profit.     

8-How do I remove NailHugs?

NailHugs are as simpe to remove as the top coat you chose to cover them with. The NailHugs will slide right off as you remove your tops coat, whether it's a regular top coat, a gel-polish top coat or even and permanent sculpting UV gel or embedded in acrylic. Always work with lint free coton for cleaner results.

9-If my client is very active with her hands and/or uses harsh cleaning products and is over exposed to water, what home care can i recommend for longer lasting results?

First, you should always apply a second layer of top coat for longer lasting results and that should easily last 3 weeks until her next visit with you. If you used a regular top coat, it may not last 3 weeks but your client can easily re-apply a  3rd top coat from home should she need to. When top coating NailHugs, it's very important to make sure that all surrounding edges and folds all well covered for better protection and longer lasting results.

10-How profitable are NailHugs?

NailHugs are the most profitable way of doing nail art these days. All those intricate and complex designs that would normally take you a few hours to accomplish, can now be done in just a few minutes. Your time is money and NailHugs are so simple and fast that it leaves you more space for new clients which equals more revenue. For more details, see Q #5

11-How long can NailHugs last?

NailHugs are so thin and versatile, they can last up to 2 weeks with a high quality regular top coat and 4 weeks with  a UV gel-polish. If embedded or encapsulated into acrylics or hard gels, NailHugs can last up to the full growth of the enhancement.

12-Why are my NailHugs lifting from the free edge or surrounding folds?

Always make sure your nails are clean and dry prior to using NailHugs . It is crucial to make sure while top coating your nailHugs that all surrounding folds and edges including free edge are well sealed and covered for ultimate results. 

13-Are there any side effects to NailHugs?

Perhaps there is ei; being stopped every 5 minutes by strangers who want to take a look at your beautiful and original nails, sudden bursts of excitement, feeling very pretty and fashionable, becoming addicted to getting hugged....etc.  Nothing serious and yes, you'll get used to it.

14-Can a client remove her own NailHugs?

Only if the NailHugs were applied with a regular top coat. It's not recommended if the NailHugs were covered with a uv polish-gel top coat which is best removed by a professional.

15-How do I apply stones, studs on the NailHugs?

First, you must apply your chosen top coat and right there and then, apply your stones or studs to secure them for curing. Once cured, remove the tacky layer all over including the bleed and re-apply your top coat all over edges, folds and around stones for a second cure. Try to avoid covering your stones with the top caot as this one may eventually fade out and your shiny stones will loose their initial shine.

16-Can NailHugs be applied on very long stilettos and/or almond shaped nails with a strong apex?

Thats the beauty of using NailHugs, they are so versatile, thin and flexible, they can be applied on any length, shape or curve without a problem.

17-How can I create a french look with the hugs without having to cut and shape the NailHugs?

NailHugs require no measurments at all. You can create endless designs directly on the nail surface without ever needing to cut to a specific shape and/or style. Once applied on the nail surface and secured to the nail plate, simply use the tip of a wood stick covered with lint free coton or a pointy eye shadow applicator soaked in alcohol  (IPA) or your preferred toner and erase away creating perfect shapes in seconds and/or lines in seconds.

18-What is so special about NailHugs?

NailHugs are every nail professional's dream art form.

- NailHugs are non-toxic

- No specific cutting at all

- Not a sticker, decal or foil

- Very thin and flexible, just like a second skin

- Hugs the nail entirely and perfectly whatever length shape or curve

- Create hundreds of designs with just one NailHugs design

- Can be applied directly on a natural nail, embellished or enhanced set of nails. Can also be embedded or encapsulated in acrylics or hard UV gels

- Can be applied on a dry regular nail lacquer or UV polish-gel

- NailHugs unleahes the artist in you in no time

- Increases your livelyhood

- Can be applied directly over another NailHugs

- Can be removed as easily as the top coat of your choice

- NailHugs are so easy to work with that they can be applied anywhere, anytime

- So light, you can carry hundreds of styles and designs in your purse

- NailHugs can be used as a canvas on which you built your own nail art or on their own as a full design, you decide

- Last but not least, NailHugs are so much fun to work, they're addictive

19-Can NailHugs be embedded in acrylic or UV gel enhancements?

Absolutely, You can create crazy designs and get very long lasting results by embedding the Nail Hug into acrylic, hard uv gel nail enhancements...etc.  Follow the same steps as the regular application but instead of applying a top coat over the Hugs, simply overlay with the technical product of your choice.

20-What if my client wants to get Hugged for a special occasion only? What top coat should I use?

If a client wants NailHugs for a few days only, make sure to apply a regular top coat of your choice (2 layers) so it can be removed easily with regular nail polish remover.