Our Story


NailHugs is the brainchild of Alexandra, who not only conceived the product line but is also behind every single creative design offered.

Alexandra is a certified nail technique ambassador with over 30 years of experience serving clients and managing salons.  She opened one of the first nail technique schools in Montreal 25 years ago and has been teaching  group classes as well as privately ever since.  During her career, Alexandra has built a prestigious list of clients from Montreal to Hollywood that included several recording artists and television stars.


An entrepreneur as well as a beauty expert at heart, Alexandra prides herself on her
ability to imagine new ways of sharing her knowledge and new tools to empower other

nail professionals to make the most out of their chosen field of work.


NailHugs is her latest venture, and it has already started changing the way Nail Art is

integrated into manicures and pedicures, for the ultimate benefit of every woman who

shares her, and your passion, for beautiful nails.