5 Simple Tips to Healthy Nails For the Summer !



1- Use a Crystal Glass File.  Gentle, shock-free for the nails and much easier to use as you can file in both directions.  Glass files will seal the fibres of your nails for a healthier and stronger nail growth.

2- Stop using your nails as a working tool.  Your nails should be treated like little jewels.  Daily shocks to the nail plate can actually damage them in the long run. Take care of your nails, and the'll keep healthy.

3- Moisturize your fingertips daily.  Moisturizing, in a rubbing motion will promote better blood circulation in the nail plate. They'll grow healthier. 


4- Always cover your nails with a light layer of polish or hardener. To protect them against the craziness of daily life.  Nails are porous and covering them with a hardener, a high gloss or sheer polish or even an ultra-thin appliqué like NailHugs is always beneficial to your nails.


5- Keep your nails dry. Nails free of little debris and fully dry are less likely to weaken and be damaged. When drying your hands after a wash, just make sure to also dry your nails - thoroughly, 


And be sure to have a glorious summer !